Multiple Dogs in One House...we feed them together.

Why Why Why???

This is a bad idea and here are some reasons. 



Dogs do not bond while eating together like humans do.

  • A puppy grows daily and is constantly hungry, if you feed your pup with an older dog in the same room, they will both be stressed, the pup may eat fast for the opportunity of a scrap left over from the older dogs bowl. The older dogs may eat quickly to keep it away from the pup. 
  • They do not sit and relax and say "Honey, how was your day at work? What are our plans for the weekend?" 
  • Even two older dogs of similar ages usually are stressed for reasons of having to defend their bowl against the competition that is around. 
  • Do your dogs a favor and feed them separately without these stresses and allow them to eat at their pace. Separate rooms and behind closed doors is optimal.  
  • Once they are done, pick each dogs bowls up and place them in an area unreachable for the dogs until next meal time. I have seen dogs fight over an empty bowl.